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Author                  Title
Ahlberg, Jane         Starting School
Allard, Harry           Miss Nelson is Missing!
Allard, Harry           Miss Nelson is Back
Allard, Harry           Miss Nelson has a Field Day
Anholt, Laurence    Billy and the Big New School
Brown, Marc T.       Arthur's Teacher Trouble
Burgeois, Paulette  Franklin goes to School
Carlson, Nancy       Arnie and the New Kid
Corey, Shana         First Graders from Mars Episode 1:
                                 Horus's Horrible Day
Crews, Donald        School Bus
Edwards, Becky     My First Day at Nursery School
Gantos, Jack         Back to School for Rotten Ralph
Havill, Juanita         Jamaica's Blue Marker
Haywood, Carolyn  Here Comes the Bus
Henkes, Kevin       Wemberley Worried
Henkes, Kevin       Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse
Henkes, Kevin       Chrysanthemum
Hest, Amy            Off to School, Baby Duck
Hoban, Lillian        Arthur's Back to School Day
Howe, James        Pinky and Rex and the Spelling Bee
Hurwitz, Johanna   Russell Sprouts
Johnston, Tony      Sparky and Eddie : the First Day of School
Kline, Suzy           Song Lee and Leech Man
Kline, Suzy           Song Lee and the Hamster Hunt
Kline, Suzy           Song Lee in Room 2 B
Lasky, Kathryn      Lunch Bunnies
Lindbergh, Reeve   Awful Aardvarks go to School
Littlesugar, Amy    Freedom School, Yes!
London, Jonathan  Froggy Goes to School
Marshall, James    Cut-ups Cut Loose
Mauser, Pat          Patti's Pet Gorilla
McGhee, Alison    Countdown to Kindergarten
Noble, Trinka H.    The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash
Omerod, Jan         Ms. MacDonald has a Class
Poydar, Nancy      First Day, Hooray
Rankin, Joan         First Day
Rathmann, Peggy Officer Buckle and Gloria
Reynolds, Adrian   Pete and Polo's Big School Adventure
Rockwell, Anne     Welcome to Kindergarten
Schulz, Charles M. It's the First Day of School
Scieszka, Jon       Baloney, Henry P.
Scieszka, Jon       Math Curse
Sierra, Judy          Preschool to the Rescue
Sierra, Judy          There's a Zoo in Room 22
Slate, Joseph        Miss Bindergarten gets ready for Kindergarten
Slate, Joseph        Miss Bindergarten Stays Home...
Slate, Joseph        Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th day…
Shannon, David     David Goes to School
Smalls-Hector, Irene  Beginning School
Stoeke, Janet Morgan  Minerva Louise at School
Van Leeuwen, Jean Oliver Pig at School
Van Leeuwen, Jean Amanda Pig, school girl
Wells, Rosemary   Timothy Goes to School
Wells, Rosemary   Emily's First 100 Days of School
Zalben, Jane          Don't Go
Ziefert, Harriet        Harry Gets Ready for School