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Alexander, Lloyd. Chronicles of Prydain series. A young pigkeeper has adventures far beyond his station: battling the Horned King, destroying the Black Cauldron and rescuing the Princess Eilonwy. Gr. 5-8

Asimov, Janet. Norby Series. Jeff Wells and his robot friend Norby find themselves magically transported to distant planets where they become involved in mysterious and sometimes menacing situations. Gr. 4-8

Avi. Bright Shadow. Having used four of the five wishes she is granted to make on behalf of the hapless citizens of her country, Morwenna flees the kingdom to decide what to do with her last wish. Gr. 4-6

   Poppy series. Poppy, the deer mouse, urges her family to move next to a field of corn big enough to feed them all forever, but Mr. Ocax, a terrifying owl, has other ideas. Sequels: Poppy and Rye, Ragweed. Gr. 4-6

Barron, T.A. The Lost Years of Merlin. A young boy washes ashore on the coast of Wales with no memory of who he is. Through a series of adventures he discovers his true identity. Sequel: The Seven Songs of Merlin. Gr. 4-6

   Heartlight. Kate and her grandfather use one of his inventions to travel faster than the speed of light on a mission to save the sun from a premature death. Gr. 4-6

Baum, Frank. The Wizard of Oz series. After a cyclone transports her to Oz, Dorothy must seek out the Wizard to help her get back home again.Sequels: The Marvelous Land of Oz, Ozma of Oz, Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz, and many more. Gr. 4 and up

Bellairs, John. The Dark Secret of Weatherend. Fourteen year old Anthony Mundy and the town librarian try to prevent an evil wizard from turning the world into an icy wasteland. Gr. 5-8 Prequel: The Treasure of Alpheus Winterborn. Sequels:The Lamp from the Warlock's Tomb, The Mansion in the Mist. Gr. 5-8

   Doom of the Haunted Opera. Lewis Barnavelt and Rose Rita Pottinger are faced with a dilemma when their discovery of an unpublished opera score unleashes a wicked sorcerer who plans to rule the world by bringing back the dead. Gr. 5-8

   Revenge of the Wizard's Ghost. While thirteen-year-old Johnny Dixon lies dying, possessed by an evil spirit, his friends, an elderly professor and a schoolmate try to find some way to free him. Sequel: Spell of the Sorcerer's Skull. Gr. 5-8

   House With a Clock in its Walls. A boy goes to live with his magician uncle in a mansion that has a clock hidden in its walls that is ticking off the minutes until doomsday. Gr. 5-8

Boston, Lucy. The Children of Green Knowe. At his great-grandmother's house, Green Knowe, Tolly finds he has lots of other children to play with, who had lived in the house a century before. Gr. 5-8

Cameron, Eleanor. The Mushroom Planet series. A mystery man inspires two boys to build a space ship which takes them to the planet of Basidium to help the Mushroom people. Gr. 3-6

Carey, Peter. The Big Bazoohly. When his family runs low on money during a trip to Toronto, nine-year-old Sam allows himself to be "borrowed" and entered into a contest to find the Perfect Kiddo, hoping to win $10,000. Gr. 3-5.

Carroll, Lewis. Alice in Wonderland. A little girl falls down a rabbit hole and discovers a hidden world of nonsensical characters. Sequel: Through the Looking Glass. Gr. 4 and up

Charnas, Suzy McKee. The Bronze King. When Valentine starts noticing odd things are vanishing from NYC, she unknowingly summons a wizard from Sorcery Hall. He enlists her help in fighting against the dreaded Monster of Darkness. Gr. 5-8 Sequels: The Silver Glove, The Golden Thread. Gr 4-6

Chetwin, Grace. The Riddle and the Rune. Gom sets forth forth to seek his destiny, discovering he has new powers and a gift for making friends such as the magnificent horse, Stormfleet, who accompanies him through many adventures. Gr. 5-8

Clements, Andrew. Frindle. When he decides to turn his teacher's love of the dictionary around on her, clever Nick Allen invents a new word that sets in motion a chain of events that moves quickly beyond his control. Gr. 5-7

   The Landry News. A fifth grader starts a newspaper with an editorial that prompts her burnt-out classroom teacher to really begin teaching again, but he is later threatened with disciplinary action as a result. Gr. 5-7

Cooper, Susan. The Dark is Rising series. Three children set out to find King Arthur's grail, touching off a struggle between the forces of good and evil, the Light and the Dark. Gr. 5-8

   The Boggart. 12-year-old Emily returns home from a visit to a castle in Scotland that her family has just inherited, only to find that she has accidentally brought home with her a boggart, a mysterious and invisible spirit with a fondness for practical jokes. Sequel: The Boggart and the Monster. Gr. 4-6

Coville, Bruce. The Dragonslayers. A brave squire, an earnest page and a strong-willed princess set out to slay the dragon created to carry out a witch's revenge. Gr. 4-6

   Into the Land of the Unicorns. Having jumped into the fantasy land of Luster, Cara joins Lightfoot the unicorn in the search for Queen Arabella Skydancer. Gr. 4-6

   Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher. Small for his age, but artistically talented, 12-year-old Jeremy unknowingly buys a dragon egg. Gr. 4-6

Dahl, Roald. Matilda. Brilliant first-grader Matilda triumphs over her book-hating parents and Miss Trunchbull, the odious school principal. Gr.3-7

   James and the Giant Peach. When James escapes from his horrid aunts inside a giant peach many magical adventures abound. Gr. 3-6

   Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Each of five children lucky enough to find a ticket to Willy Wonka's magical chocolate factory tries to take advantage of the situation in his own way. Gr. 3-6

   The Witches. A boy and his grandmother thwart the plans of England's witches to turn all children into mice. Gr. 4-6

Duane, Diane. So You Want to be a Wizard. Thirteen year old Nita finds the help she needs in a library book on wizardry and is guided into another dimension where she earns her degree in wizardry. Gr. 5-8 Sequels: Deep Wizardry, High Wizardry, Wizard Abroad.

Eager, Edward. Half Magic. Jane, Mark, Katharine and Martha find a coin that grants half of every wish they make. Gr. 3-6

   Knight's Castle. Four children find their way into a mixed-up medieval world where they become knights and battle giants. Gr.4-6

   Magic by the Lake. On vacation, siblings find themselves with a lake full of magic which they must tame and learn how to handle in order to find a treasure. Gr. 3-6

   Magic or Not? Did the four friends' wishes come true because of magic, or was it only coincidence? Gr. 4-6 Sequel: The Well Wishers.

   Seven Day Magic. The main characters in Susan's library book turn out to be Susan, herself, and the friends who share her seven magic adventures. Gr. 4-6

   The Time Garden. Four cousins discover a magic thyme garden from which they embark on a number of adventures in time. Gr. 4-6

Ende, Michael. The Neverending Story. Bastian travels through the aptly-named realm of Fantastica to complete a noble quest. Gr. 5 - up

Furlong, Monica. Wise Child. Abandoned by her parents, nine-year-old Wise Child goes to live with the witch-woman Juniper, who begins to train her in the ways of herbs and magic. Gr. 5-8

Gardiner, John. Stone Fox. Little Willie hopes to pay the back taxes on his grandfather's farm with the award money from a dog sled race. Gr. 3-5

Ibbotson, Eva. The Secret of Platform 13. Odge, a young hag, accompanies an old wizard, a gentle fey, and a giant ogre on their mission through a magical tunnel to rescue their King's son. Gr. 4-7

   Which Witch? The Great Wizard of Arriman announces a competition among the witches of Todcaster to see who will be his bride. Gr. 4-7

Jacques, Brian. Redwall Series. A series of adventures in which a cast of heroic animal characters encounter danger, hairbreadth escapes, mystery and despicable villains. Sequels: The Bellmaker, The Great Redwall Feast, Legend of Luke, The Long Patrol, Mariel of Redwall, Marlfox, Martin the Warrior, Mattimeo, Mossflower, Outcast of Redwall, Pearls of Lutra, Redwall Winter's Tale, Salamandastron. Gr. 5-9

Jones, Diana Wynne. The Dark Lord of Derkholm. An unconventional wizard and his magical family become involved in a plan to stop the devastating tours of their world arranged by tyrannical Mr. Chesney. Gr. 6-9

   Howl's Moving Castle. In the land of Ingary, such things as spells, invisible cloaks, and seven league boots are everyday things. Nothing is quite what it seems to be. Gr. 7-12

   Witch Week. Magical chaos fills class 6B when a group of witch orphans begin playing magic tricks. Gr. 5-7

Juster, Norton. The Phantom Tollbooth. Milo journeys through a land where he discovers the importance of words, and number provide a cure for his boredom. Gr. 4-7

Kaye, N.M. The Ordinary Princess. At her christening, a princess is given the gift of 'ordinariness' by a fairy. The consequences of that eventually take her to a nearby palace where, having run away to become the fourteenth assistant kitchenmaid, she meets the prince for her. Gr. 4-6

LeGuin, Ursula K. A Wizard of Earthsea. A boy grows to manhood while attempting to subdue the evil he unleashed on the world as an apprentice to the Master Wizard. Gr. 6 and up Sequels: The Tombs of Atuan, The Farthest Shore, Tehanu.

L'Engle, Madeline. Time Fantasy series. Members of the Wallace family travel through space and time to battle against cruelty, injustice and intolerance in classic struggles between good and evil. Sequels: A Wrinkle in Time, A Wind in the Door, A Swiftly Tilting Planet, Many Waters. Gr.4-8

Levine, Gail. Princess Tales Series. In this series of princess stories there are fairies, curses and princes. Gr. 4-6 Stories: Ella Enchanted,The Fairy's Mistake, Princess Sonora and the Long Sleep, The PrincessTest.

Lewis, C.S. Chronicles of Narnia Series. Lucy, Peter, Susan and Edmund enter the magical world of Narnia through a mirrored wardrobe and find a magical world of fauns, witches, nymphs, dwarves and talking animals. They fight many battles and eventually become rulers of the land. Gr. 4-8 Sequels: The Lion the Witch, and the Wardrobe; Prince Caspian, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Silver Chair, The Horse and His Boy, The Magician's Nephew, The Last Battle.

MacDonald, Betty. Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle series. A grandmotherly person who lives in an upside-down house, and was once married to a pirate who left buried treasure in the yard, she is loved by parents for her magical cures for tattletales, selfishness and other problems. Gr. 3-6 Sequels: Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle's Magic, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle's Farm, Hello, Mrs. Piggle Wiggle.

McCaffrey, Anne. Harper-Hall trilogy. Forbidden by her father to indulge in music in any way, Menolly of the planet Pern runs away, taking refuge with the mythical fire lizards, and they, along with her music open up a whole new world for her. Gr. 6-up

McGraw, Eloise. The Moorchild. A changeling learns her true identity and tries to find the human child whose place she has been given. Gr. 4-8

McKinley, Robin. The Blue Sword. Harry is kidnapped by the King of the Damarians, and comes reluctantly to realize that they possess the same mysterious powers. Gr.6-12

   The Hero and the Crown. Aerlin, with the help of the wizard Luth and a magic blue sword, wins the birthright due her as the daughter of a King and a witch. Gr. 6-12

McMullan, Kate. Dragon Slayers Academy series. Wiglaf, a student at the Dragon Slayers Academy, and his friends have many adventures while learning how to become dragon slayers extraordinare. Gr. 4-7

Morris, Gerald. The Squire's Tale. Fourteen-year-old Terence, living in medieval England, discovers an important secret about his true identity while on a long quest as the squire to young Gawain of Orkney. Gr. 5-9

Nesbit, E. Five Children and It. While digging in a sandpit, the children discover a Psammead - a creature with mysterious powers who leads the children into adventure and excitement. Gr. 5-7 Sequels: The Phoenix and the Carpet, The Story of the Amulet.

Nix, Garth. Sabriel. Sabriel, daughter of the necromancer Abhorson, must journey into the mysterious and magical Old Kingdom to rescue her father from the land of the dead. Gr. 5-9

O'Shea, Pat. The Hounds of the Morrigan. The ancient book Pidge found brings the evil Queen Morrigan and her two witchlike assistants to his door, threatening the future of the world. Gr. 6-9

Pierce, Tamora. The Circle of Magic series. Four young outcasts discover their magic powers. While still learning how to control them they must battle deadly threats. Gr. 5-9

   The Immortals series. Dain accepts her gift of wild magic and learns how valuable her powers will be to the kingdom's future. Gr. 6-10

   The Lioness series. Alanna decides to ignore her magical powers and disguises herself as a boy in order to train as a knight. Gr.6-10

Pope, Elizabeth. The Perilous Gard. In 1558 a young girl imprisoned in a remote castle becomes involved in a series of events that lead to an underground labyrinth where live the last practitioners of Druid magic. Gr. 5-9

Prelutsky, Jack. Monday's Troll. A collection of poems about witches, ogres, wizards, giants, trolls, a yeti, and grubby goblins. Gr. 3-5

Pullman, Philip. The Golden Compass. Accompanied by her animal-like daemon, Lyra tries to prevent her best friend and other kidnapped children from being the subject of experiments. Gr. 6-10 Sequel: The Subtle Knife.

Raskin, Ellen. The Westing Game. The death of an eccentric millionaire brings together an unlikely assortment of heirs who must uncover the circumstances of his death before they can receive their inheritances. Gr. 4-6

Richler, Mordecai. Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang. Unjustly imprisoned by the Hooded Fang and other big people, Jacob awaits the aid of Child Power to free him and 200 other children. Gr. 3-5 Sequels: Jacob Two-Two and the Dinosaur, Jacob Two-Two's First Spy Case.

San Souci, Robert D. Young Merlin. The story of the life of Merlin from his miraculous birth through the age of 17, before he met King Arthur. Gr.4-8.

Sciezka, Jon. The Time Warp Trio Series. Joe's uncle gives him a book for his birthday that is really a time machine. It envelops Joe and his friends in a green fog, twists them out of shape, and lands them in any time they ask for. Gr. 3-6 Sequels: Knights of the Kitchen Table, The Not-So-Jolly Roger, The Good the Bad and the Goofy, Your Mother Was a Neanderthal, 2095, Tut Tut, Summer Reading is Killing Me.

Steig, William. Dominic. Dominic the dog finds many exciting adventures and great danger fighting the Doomsday Gang when he decides to go and see the world. Gr. 4-6

Strickland, Brad. The Bell, the Book, and the Spellbinder. When Fergie falls under the spell of an evil sorcerer, Johnny Dixon and Professor Childermass risk their own lives to save him. Gr. 4-6

Thesman, Jean. The Other Ones. High school sophomore Bridget Raynes has to decide whether to accept her powers of witchcraft, or abandon them and try to fit in as an ordinary teenager. Gr. 6-8

Tolkien, J. R. The Hobbit. Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit who lives comfortably in his hobbit-hole until the wizard Gandalf comes to take him on an adventure from which he may never return. Gr. 6-up

Travers, P.L. Mary Poppins. The wind brings a magical nanny to two English children, and she introduces them to many interesting people and places. Gr. 4-6

Winthrop, Elizabeth. The Castle in the Attic. William is given a toy medieval castle as a gift, and is magically transported to another world of wizards and dragons. Here he must fight a battle between good and evil. Gr. 4-6 Sequel: The Battle for the Castle.

Wrede, Patricia. The Enchanted Forest series. Princess Cimorene would rather be eaten by a dragon than marry a dull prince like a proper princess - so she volunteers to be captured by the powerful dragon Kazul. Gr. 6-9 Sequels: Dealing with Dragons, Searching for Dragons, Calling on Dragons, Talking to Dragons.

This list compiled and annotated by various children's librarians who post to PUBYAC (Public Young Adult and Children's Librarian listserv) and edited for Belvedere Tiburon Library by Heather Anne Lamb. 11/10/99