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A Belvedere-Tiburon Library Subject Guide

Comprehensive Directories:

College Board college handbook
Profiles 3,800 four-year and two-year colleges
Career REF 378.1057

Peterson's four-year colleges
2,400 undergraduate institution descriptions based on information supplied by the schools
Career REF 378 Peterson's

Fiske guide to getting into the right college
by Edward B. Fiske
Presents an overview of the college admission process: from selection criteria to financing
378.161 Fiske

Learning how to learn: getting into and surviving college when you have a learning disability
by Joyanne Cobb
371.926 Cobb

K & W guide to colleges for the learning disabled
Princeton Review
Career REF 371.904 Kravets

The insider's guide to the colleges
compiled and edited by the Yale Daily News
"Snapshot of college life that relies on the opinions of students"
Career REF 378.73 Insider's

Peterson's Colleges for students with learning disabilities or ADD
Career REF 378.73 Peterson's

Rugg's recommendations on the colleges
by Frederick E. Rugg
Schools are arranged by college majors and admission selectivity
Career REF 378.199 Rugg's

Making a difference colleges
by Miriam Weinstein
"Ethical and career-oriented guide to outstanding, unique & innovative colleges"
378.73 Making

Understanding the Admissions Process:

College admission simplified - DVD
by University Drive Productions
DVD 378.161 College 2008

A is for admission
by Michele A. Hernandez
378.161 Hernandez 1997

Admissions confidential: an insider's account of the elite college selection process
by Rachel Toor
378.161 Toor 2001

Financial Aid:

Peterson's how to get money for college
Explore federal grants, work-study programs and other financial aid opportunities
Career REF 378.309 Peterson's

Don't miss out: the ambitious student's guide to financial aid
by Anna & Robert Leider
Explores grants, loans scholarships and tax credits with humor and clear prose
378.3 Don't

Funding your future: a partial listing of scholarships, grants, awards…
by Marin Education Fund
Financial aid available to Marin County residents
Career REF 378.3 Funding

Testing Resources:
The Library has a variety of books located on the Exam Shelf to help students prepare to take the SAT, ACT, GRE, AP, and other standardized exams. Please ask at the Reference Desk if you need help finding these materials.

Application Help:

Acing the college application
by Michele A. Hernandez
378.1616 Hernandez 2007

Writing a successful college application essay
by George Erenhaft
378.1616 Erenhaft 2008

Web Resources:

The source for information about SAT testing

ACT: the test
America's most widely accepted entrance exam

FAFSA: Free Application for Federal Student Aid
Paper copies are available in the Library as well

10,000 Degrees, formerly Marin Education Fund
A directory of college scholarships available for Marin County residents

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