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A Dream House in Europe
A Belvedere-Tiburon Library Subject Guide

villaDo you ever dream of moving into a rustic cottage in the French countryside? Or a villa in Tuscany? The authors of these memoirs share the joys, challenges, and humor that come with fulfilling the dream of a home in Europe. Visit our online catalog or click on one of the links below to see if these books are on the shelf.

Buying a Piece of Paris: A Memoir by Ellie Nielsen
An Australian searches for her dream apartment in Paris.
Bio Nielsen

A Castle in the Backyard: The Dream of a House in France by Betsy Draine
A married couple, both college professors, purchase a summer home in the village of Castlenaud-la-Chapelle.
944.72 Draine 2002

C'est la vie : an American conquers the City of Light, begins a new life, and becomes Zut Alors!, almost French by Suzy Gershman
The author moves to Paris after her husband's death. This is the story of her first year in Paris, as she tries to begin her new life and immerse herself in French daily life.
944.361 Gershman

French Spirits: A House, a Village, and a Love Affair in Burgundy by Jeffrey Greene
A prize-winning American poet and his wife-to-be move into a stone presbytery in a village in the Puisaye region of Burgundy.
944.41083 Greene 2002

On Rue Tatin: Living and Cooking in a French Town by Susan Loomis
An American attends a prestigious French cooking school, then returns years later with her family to buy an old monastery in Normandy.
641.59442 Loomis 2001

Paris to the Moon by Adam Gopnik
A writer for The New Yorker and his wife and infant son move to the City of Light.
944.36 Gopnik 2000

A Piano in the Pyrenees by Tony Hawks
An English author's misadventures when he buys a house in the French Pyrenees.
944.73 Hawks 2007

A Year in Provence, Toujours Provence, and Encore Provence by Peter Mayle
In this popular series, Peter Mayle entertains readers with tales of life in Provence with his wife and two large dogs.
944.9 Mayle

The Hills of Tuscany: A New Life in an Old Land by Ference Máté
A memoir of a New York couple's first year living in an ancient farmhouse in the hills of Tuscany.
945.5 Mate 1998

In Maremma: Life and a House in Southern Tuscany by David Leavitt and Mark Mitchell
Leavitt and Mitchell buy an abandoned Tuscan farmhouse and begin the process of making it habitable again.
945.57 Leavitt 2001

Italian Neighbors: Or a Lapsed Anglo-Saxon in Verona by Tim Parks
A British novelist and his wife move into a flat on the aging and eccentric Via Colombare in Montecchio.
945.34 Parks

Palladian Days by Sally Gable
Sally and her husband Carl become the bemused owners of Villa Cornaro, built in 1552 by the great Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio.
945.32 Gable 2005

A Small Place in Italy by Eric Newby
Travel writer Newby describes life in a small farmhouse in the foothills of the Apuan Alps in northern Tuscany.
945.54 Newby 1994

A Thousand Days in Venice, A Thousand Days in Tuscany, The Lady in the Palazzo by Marlena de Blasi
An American chef finds a new husband and a new life in Italy.
945.31 De Blasi 2002, 641.59455 De Blasi 2004, 945.652 De Blasi 2007

Under the Tuscan Sun, Bella Tuscany, and In Tuscany by Frances Mayes
A college professor buys and restores an abandoned villa in the Tuscan countryside in this popular memoir and its sequels.
945.5 Mayes

Driving over Lemons: An Optimist in Adalucia by Chris Stewart
An Englishman and his wife buy an isolated farmhouse in the mountains outside of Granada, Spain.
946.8 Stewart 2000

Spanish Lessons: A New Life in Spain by Derek Lambert
In search of a simpler life, a journalist and his family move to a village on Spain's Costa Blanca.
946.765 Lambert 2000

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