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Car Buying & Selling Web Links
Useful websites compiled by Belvedere-Tiburon librarians.

Research Sites

Consumer Reports
Excellent source for information about new and used cars. Some of the areas covered are reliability, safety, equipment features, fuel economy, car comparisons, ratings, and pricing. Also offers advice on dealing with car sales people, what questions to ask, and important considerations in buying a car. Call or come to the Reference Desk in the Library to access subscriber-only materials for free.

California State Automobile Association (AAA)
You don't have to be a member of AAA to access a wealth of information on buying a car at this site. For example, get comprehensive reviews of particular car models, help with narrowing choices, and specific information on what to do with your old car.

Must-have for used car buying. Provides a title report covering accidents, previous owners, original buyer location, etc. Costs money, but may save a buyer in the long run.

Alternative to Carfax. Provides about the same information for the same price.

Pricing Sites

New and used car pricing and reviews. Directory of links to safety data, insurance, financing, and lots of other automobile information.

Kelley Blue Book
Find your Blue Book value online. New and used car pricing and reviews. Lemon checks, automotive guides and much more.

Listing Sites (all are free to buyers)

A zip code driven, free resource that draws from 25,000 dealerships and has over 2 million cars listed.

Place ads for $35.

Mostly private parties sell on this site, but a fair number of dealers, sometimes disguised as private parties, also use it. Free for sellers as well as buyers.

EBay Motors
Auctions from dealers and private parties ($60-$80 insertion and transaction fees to sell).
Used mostly by dealers. Fees to sell.

Used mostly by dealers. Fees to sell.

Member Buying Programs

AAA Car Buying Service
AAA puts you in touch with local dealers who will give you their special AAA price without having to haggle. Must be a member of AAA (but you don't have to have your insurance through them).

This site uses the power of large groups of people to garner low prices for cars. No membership fees are charged and you can find the car of your choice online. Rated highly by a number of reputable organizations.

Costco Auto Program
Open to Costco members, this site connects you with dealers offering special prices on new cars. No negotiation is necessary.

DMV Paperwork

California DMV Site for Buying or Selling a Vehicle
Get answers to all your questions about the paperwork required when buying or selling a car. You can download the necessary forms from this site.

Donating a Car

Belvedere Tiburon Library Vehicle Donation Program
Should you decide to donate your old car to a charity instead of trading it in or selling it yourself, check out the Library site. Trade that old car for some new books for your library!